Education and Training for Celebrants

I wrote down these thoughts as celebrants and public servants are arguing about a proposed “recognised” course for celebrants.

Preview: Re: 1A CHCCEL503X Research, create, evaluate and organize ceremonies

Oh Dear

Our Diploma of Marriage Celebrancy (international College of Celebrancy) has had this course, this material, this research done for twenty years.

How can you expect public servants, even educational organisers, to decide on a course of celebrancy when they have never done the study, have never been active celebrants -= do not know what it means, and cannot see where it fits into the context of the broader society? Where is Van Gennep, where is Grimes, where is Campbell? Where is the researched input from experienced celebrants and students?
But is our ICC course recognised, ask some?
Recognised by whom? By ignorant non-celebrants with pre-conceived ideas?
What do they, you, whoever want? Education and training? Or the “recognition” of the ignorant.

This is so superficial it drives me crackers.
They don’t know what they don’t know. 
A course in celebrancy has to come from a team of people who are experienced, who reflect on their experience, and who study and distill the experience of scholars in the field and relate it to their own experience.
The AG in 1995 asked us to create courses, with their support. This we did in the end without their support.
Then a certain public servant decided she knew better than us celebrants.
This foolish discussion and struggle is the result.

2 thoughts on “Education and Training for Celebrants

  1. “Real knowledge is to know the extent of one’s ignorance” – Confucius
    May common sense soon prevail, that they identify and acknowledge their limitations, and respond appropriately.
    Our courses are the best in the world for good reason.
    Deborah Roffey
    Registrar, Diploma Courses – International College of Celebrancy

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