Master of Celebrancy

Very few candidates ever complete this high award. In addition to  successfully completing all eight Modules of the Course, the student must complete a challenging and comprehensive research task set by the Faculty in consultation with the Board of Advisors.

Sue Frost

Sue Frost
Master of Celebrancy

Special studies will be required and the candidate will deliver a series of public lectures on their research. The candidate needs to satisfy an audience of graduates and others nominated by the College, they have the necessary delivery skills to deliver and communicate deep knowledge of celebrancy.  The delivery of the public lectures includes spontaneous questions from colleagues and other nominated scholars on the candidate’s area of research.

We have two Masters of Celebrancy. David Oldfield, of the USA, was awarded an Honorary Master of Celebrancy for his outstanding work in developing an effective adolescent Rite of Passage and Ceremony in the Western World.

Sue Frost completed the eight Modules of the course plus a research project on which she gave public lectures. Sue is the only student ever to achieve this formidable task.

Enrolment Form pdf
Information Booklet pdf

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