Graduate Diploma of Celebrancy

Why would we urge our students to complete all modules and be awarded a Graduate Diploma of Celebrancy?

The first six modules lead to the skill set Diplomas of Marriage, Funeral and the range of General or “milestone” ceremonies.  A deep and rich understanding of celebrancy, only comes with a knowledge of the history of secular celebrancy and its original and developed purposes. (Module 7)

Education must be transformative
Similarly, depth and professionalism require the the celebrant believes in the value of secular celebrancy and is convinced of its good effects on the human psyche. It demands developed attitudes. Such spiritual values transform the celebrant into a certain kind of compassionate person, who understands the mainstream secular and religious movements which have guided humankind over the centuries. The study of secular spirituality affects the inner person, encourages a humane tolerance of others, and an understanding of how to co-create a ceremony in the light of the spiritual traditions of their clients. (Module 8)

A Graduate Diploma is awarded to the student who successfully completes all 8 Modules.

Enrolment Form pdf
Information Booklet pdf


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