The Learning Journal

International College of Celebrancy Learning Journal (Diary) an explanation

This item is an ongoing assessment task; in other words, it is to be started first and submitted last. The Learning Journal/Diary provides each student with an opportunity to chart their own progress through the module and the course. As a general guide, it should include the following:

     At the beginning of your journey through this Module,
what are your expectations? What do you hope to learn or
achieve? Do you have any fears?
     Apart from the sources provided, you should seek to
broaden your knowledge with other sources, for example,
interviews on the radio or television, newspaper or journal
articles, significant conversations and other books. Give a
brief account of the time you spent finding these sources, the
places you found them and, more importantly, what you learned
from them.

adapted from Module 1

Although the Internet now provides most of our information, & Google, Bing and Yahoo are perhaps the greatest aides to learning since time began, we hope you will be able to visit a library. It is assumed
that each student will have access to a public library or
preferably a university library. 
You are not expected to study other sources in an exacting way
- just to become familiar with some of the literature which
bears on this subject area.

In addition:

  • What difficulties, if any, did you experience with the Assessments / Assignments ?
  •   What difficulties, if any, did you experience with the Report? How useful an exercise was this for you?
  • Describe your journey through this Module you are doing.  Have you experienced any moments of frustration/revelation? What aspects did you find most rewarding and/or disappointing?
  •   Reflect upon your initial expectations. Have these been fulfilled?
  •   What do you have to say to the college about this Module?