The Diplomas of Celebrancy

The College’s Diploma Courses were developed in Australia on sound education and learning principles. They were written by a team of at least eighteen experienced celebrants, some of whom have been in this profession for over thirty years.

Australian celebrants were an essential part of establishing civil celebrancy in New Zealand. And graduates of the Australian College of Celebrancy, now the International College of Celebrancy, established the USA Celebrant Foundation.

In Australia by 2013, 70% of all weddings and 80% of all funerals were conducted by civil celebrants. With clients, the starting point for all civil ceremonies is secular, though many religious people choose a civil celebrant because of the totally personal nature of the ceremony. None of this can be done well without thorough and proper education and training.

A more detailed explanation of each Diploma is given on its page.

Most of our students study one or all of three of the Diplomas –
Diploma of Marriage Celebrancy
Diploma of Funeral Celebrancy 
Diploma of General Celebrancy 

The more advanced qualifications are
Advanced Diplomas
Graduate Diploma
Master of Celebrancy –  studied by negotiation with the college.

The contents of the Diplomas are set out in eight Modules:
Module 1 – The History, Nature, and Development of Ceremony
Module 2 – Ceremonial Public Speaking, Organisation and Choreography


The Dean of Studies, Dr Chris Watson, addresses graduands of the International College of Celebrancy at a Graduation ceremony in Queen’s College, at the University of Melbourne.

Module 3 – Marriage Celebrancy in Practice
Module 4 – Funeral Celebrancy in Practice
Module 5 – General Celebrancy in Practice
Module 6 –  Celebrancy as a Profession/Small Business . (The addition of this Module constitutes an Advanced Diploma.)
Module 7 – The History, Nature, and Development of Secular Celebrancy
Module 8 -Values, Ideal and Spirituality.

Screen Shot 2013-10-07 at 3.18.37 PMOnce all eight Modules (i.e. after all three Diplomas plus Modules 7 & 8) are passed – the student attains the Graduate Diploma of Celebrancy.

Beautiful summary of Diploma Courses – by Deborah Roffey, our Registrar for Diplomas.

The Master of Celebrancy is a very demanding and rare award. It requires

  • a comprehensive knowledge and skill in Celebrancy
  •  the completion of all 8 modules with at least a Distinction in each module
  • original research and study set by the faculty and approved by the Advisory Board of Studies.

Celebrant Sue Frost is the only person who has ever completed this qualification.

A listing of the Modules and links to fuller descriptions of each is found at The Modules.

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