Celebrants: Bad Management: Excessive numbers

A celebrant friend wrote the following to me about the tragedy of Civil Marriage Celebrant Program and the results of Bad Management

The so called training institutions are spewing out some terrible so called celebrants – we have a couple here who do not understand the regulations at all – one recently conducted a surprise wedding (supposed to be a housewarming and the couple were married, to the groom’s surprise) and another conducts weddings without the 31 mandatory waiting period.The Goat Track.JPGWhen I discussed it with one of them the reaction was – oh, don’t be like that – rules are meant to be broken!! If I don’t do it, someone else will!!
It is about money, not rules and ethics and codes of conduct.
A videographer recently dropped off 4 weddings conducted by celebrants both here and in (town mentioned) – I was horrified as I watched them and it would have been a comedy show akin to Fawlty Towers or Big Girls Blouse if it was not a couples most special day.
There were scenes in some of them that you would have thought had been based on Monty Python.
“My town” is really beautiful, in spite of the 21 celebrants who roam around with their cars signwritten like a local plumber!!
Name and address Supplied!

I mentioned the report (with my friend’s permission) on Facebook. I received these comments:-

  • Nicole  What about celebrants who can’t pronounce simple words, speak with a lisp or make jokes in bad taste?
    You may now kiss the groom – I’m sure you’ve had plenty of practice with the best man.”

  • Jan  – we could write a book of the stories we’ve heard (including funeral celebrants)

  • Bill  This so frightfully common around Australia. What a disgrace, no amount of correspondence to the AG or registrar makes any difference. There are so many bad trainers in the system, in all MC training and even worse delivering opd, these trainers fail with one approved trainer and move to the next taking all of their inadequacies as trainers with them. Dally messenger lit a lamp with Lois D’Arcy and Lionel Murphy so let’s keep the lamp burning with honesty, justice and education integrity.

2 thoughts on “Celebrants: Bad Management: Excessive numbers

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