Being a Celebrant – Superficiality or Depth?

What is it for you – a weekend job/extra money spinner or a vocation at the heart of our culture? Are Ceremonies – fun froth and bubble – or life changing experiences?

Is knowledge for celebrants – the ceaseless repetition of legalities, procedural idiocies, invented pseudo problems, marketing yourself and how to run a business.


Ceremonies  rituals, traditions, music, poetry , symbolism, choreographic movement, story telling, celebrations and developing your professional place in the community?

Is a course of study a collection of a priori suppositions of non-celebrants in a government department, or the equally ignorant presumptions of educational methodologists who organise hundreds of courses, but who are masters of none?


Or is the distilled articulated experiences of the top rate celebrants?

For nearly twenty years  (established 1995) the International College of Celebrancy Diploma Courses against all odds, have stayed focused on celebrancy – and nothing but celebrancy.

We are the pioneers of celebrant education and training and recognised as such throughout the western world. We have continually refined our knowledge and revised our courses.

Eighteen dedicated celebrants, plus the world’s top writers and practitioners of social integrity and cohesion, have substantially contributed to our Diploma Courses.  Our Modules consist of personally assisted Distance Education with field work experience – supported by our graduates who believe in us.

 Superficiality or Depth – that is your choice.

Do you take the phenomenon of ceremonies for granted or do you wonder why, for thousands of years, humankind has evolved and developed ceremonies as the framework of culture?

Commence or continue your study of celebrancy today in depth, with meaning, with substance, enriching your own personal life and fortifying your own self-belief and your effectiveness and your power as a celebrant?

Contact the Registrar of Diplomas, Ms Deborah Roffey, +61 430 102 232,

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