Funeral Short Course

Module 4 (Funerals) can be studied as an isolated short course. It consists of the theory, skill development and competent delivery of funeral ceremonies in realistic situations. The student is expected:

  • to understand why cultures develop funeral ceremonies
  • to give structured analyses of funeral ceremonies as observed
  • to write a sample eulogy or eulogies based on appropriate interviewing
  • to plan funeral logistics
  • to show they can deliver a ceremony with skill, compassion, sensitivity, checked accuracy and humble confidence.

The module is most suitable for celebrants who have already studied the history and nature of ceremony, the meaning of ceremonies and why they have evolved. In short, the student needs to have well developed skills in creative writing, planning, co-creating and delivering ceremonies.
(These skills are developed in Module 1, and Module 2 of the college course.)

The cost for the Funeral Short Course is
Registration $295AUD
+ Module 4, $645AUD

Note: Course materials are supplied in digital format.  Hard copies are available to Australian Students for an additional $50AUD (International Students – price available on request).