Celebrant Spirituality Short Course

Module 8 (Spirituality or Spirituality, Values, and Ideals) can be studied as an isolated short course. It is brief and wide ranging and gives an introduction to:

  • Personal spirituality – celebrancy is the kind of vocation which calls on one to be the best kind of person one can be.
  • Celebrant Spirituality –  focuses on the virtues, habits and attitudes a celebrant should cultivate to do their task well.
  • Cultural Spirituality – this involves a level of education regarding the many religious and non-religious streams of belief which individuals, in a multicultural society, carry within themselves. The clients of celebrants come from every stream of belief and unbelief. A celebrant should have a basic understanding of these streams of human thought and respect the contribution made by them to humankind.

Any person, even a non-celebrant could study this Module for their own personal development. The module is most suitable, but not exclusively, for celebrants who have already studied the history and nature of ceremony, the meaning of ceremonies and why they have evolved. In short, the student needs to have well developed skills in creative writing, planning, co-creating and delivering ceremonies.
(These skills are developed in Module 1, and Module 2 of the College Course.)

The cost for the Celebrant Spirituality Short Course is
Registration $295AUD (a once only cost for your first course with the College)
+ Module 4, $645AUD

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Note: Course materials are supplied in digital format.  Hard copies are available to Australian Students for an additional $50AUD (International Students – price available on request).