Money back offer!

Dear Celebrant

You understand that this offer is a bona fide attempt by the College to reassure any prospective student of the quality of our courses. We want to convince you our courses are really worthwhile.

We believe that by undertaking and completing our Course in Celebrancy (i.e One of our Diplomas) you will enhance your skills, increase your awareness of your role in the community, and be educated and encouraged in your performance. We firmly believe too that you will be enriched and inspired in your development as a person. You can test the worth of the college course at no cost to you.

Our proposal is as follows:-

An Agreement between you and the international College of Celebrancy

On application for this offer you pay us $250 as evidence of goodwill, which we will put aside pending your decision to have a full refund, or put this money towards Module 1. We hope, obviously, that you will proceed to a total completion of the Module and hopefully the full Diploma Course.

We undertake to supply you with all the Materials for Module 1 of the course. You are required to study the Module in a genuine way and complete the

  1. Learning Journal,
  2. The Assignments, and
  3. The Field Work reports
    satisfactorily within the 10 weeks allotted.

At the ten week mark or before you present the Learning Journal,  the Assignments and the Field Reports in a classified, neat and ordered collection to the Dean of Studies.
We will spot check it to ensure that it is satisfactory and genuine. We will then invite you to be refunded your $250, or to pay the balance of the Module ($445 or $395) plus Registration $295  to proceed. Once you have paid, you are then entitled to a detailed correction of the work you have completed, and receipt of your Module Certificate. (The Dean of Studies has the right to ask you to do extra work if any part of your assessment is not up to standard.)

Your procedure

  • You fill in a normal Enrolment Form.
  • You sign a copy of this letter/page saying that you understand and agree to the conditions. (You must respect our copyright. The learning materials and methods are for your personal use only)
  • You deposit $250 into our account by EFT, cheque, or Paypal.
  • Then you immediately start your Learning Journal, Assignments and Field Reports.
  • You complete the Module in 10 weeks (this is the time we have always considered reasonable). You are welcome to consult the Registrars (Deb or Yvonne), the Dean of Studies (Dr Chris Watson), or the principal, Dally Messenger at any time. (see Contact Us. )

Please note that if you do not study and complete the Module within the 10 weeks you are not entitled to any refund. (You can understand we are not prepared to hand out our top qualitymaterials if it is for no purpose.)
But please note that if you do not finish in the required 10 weeks you can still put the $250 towards completing the Module at a later date, within the 6 months.)

Our procedure.

  • We provide you with the links, pdfs, or hard copy books or video for Module 1.
  • After or before 10 weeks we will receive your Learning Journal, Assignments and Field Reports.
  • The Dean can extend the 10 weeks, to another for 4 weeks maximum, for $100 (This will go towards your Module cost if you proceed, but is not refundable).
  • We then give you a full refund of your $250, or assist you to proceed with the Module or the Course, whatever is your decision.— (You must return texts or videos not available digitally.)

If you proceed, you pay the balance for the Module. You then have your work carefully and conscientiously corrected and assessed. You work will also be graded. You can proceed to further studies!

Please note: We do not mind if you simply pay $250 as an “auditor” of the course materials. The Course materials are copyrighted and are for your personal use only.